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Stay in contact with community resources through our assistance.

Old woman and caregiver looking at photo album together at homeHandling affairs while dealing with an illness, an injury, or a physical or mental condition can be overwhelming. Many people who are faced with such a situation often find their quality of life to be less than satisfactory.

But with our medical social services, you can easily find solutions for your problems. They are trained to provide advice and support to help you address social and emotional problems.

They help you in the following ways:

  • Evaluating social, physical, emotional, and financial concerns
  • Identifying possible solutions for these concerns
  • Arranging services to address pressing needs
  • Connecting clients and their families to community resources and programs
  • Providing aid in crisis situations

Call 540-426-4929 to learn more about the services we offer. If you would like to avail of them, kindly set an appointment.