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It is possible to regain functionality with our help.

Senior woman with her caregiver at homeLiving with an illness, physical or cognitive problem or an injury can be difficult. People who experience these problems often find the things we usually do to be hard to accomplish.

Thankfully, a remedy is possible with occupational therapy. Our occupational therapists help you regain functionality and give you the capability to perform the activities you usually do.

They assess your daily routines and work with you in regaining your capacity to do tasks. They evaluate your ability to perform activities of daily living (ADLs), your capacity to be productive, and your ability to manage difficulties.

You may be provided with therapeutic activities meant to maximize your functionality. Exercises for balance, coordination, and endurance may also be included.

Occupational therapists may also provide tools and devices to either develop your skills or aid you in performing tasks.

Call 540-426-4929 to learn more about the services we offer. If you would like to avail of them, kindly set an appointment.